Since nail art has been insane over the last few years, this year there is a whole new trend of adding pearls to your nails. Yes, real pearls! With their classically feminine design, the cute jewels can elevate your ordinary manicure. You could also use pearly white (or any color) nail polish. So, I’m here to help you and to provide you with some ideas for your next manicure appointment. Here are 8 pearl nail polish ideas to try for a very pearly look.

Here Are a Few Ideas To Get You Started if You Want to Bedazzle Your Nails With Actual Pearls:

Classic French Manicure Bedazzled Out With Pearls

 pearl nail polish ideas

Give your classic French manicure a nice twist by adding pearls. You can also go for a subtle pop of color by adding color to the tip, such as white and gold, which complements the pearls very well.

No Nail Polish, Only Pearls

 pearl nail polish ideas

This is for the simple peeps out there who want to join the trend, but in a subtle way. You can opt for a single pearl nail art option. You can also use tiny pearls in different colors that are aligned together or scattered, and you don’t have to bother with nail polish color because you can just add the pearl right away.

Keeping It Simple With Only One Color

 pearl nail polish ideas

If you don’t want to have a lot of colors on your nails, stick to one color, such as white, which complements the pearls very well. You can do some art, such as dotted tips, or negative space, such as a half-french manicure, or with a space in the middle, and play around with it, however, you want. 

Colored Tips With a Few Pearls Sprinkled In

 pearl nail polish ideas

To join the trend, apply your favorite color to the tips of your nails and add pearls. The more vibrant the colors you use, the more the pearls will stand out.

Diagonal Art Design With Pearls, for Sure

 pearl nail polish ideas

For ladies who enjoy experimenting with their nail art, you can go for a diagonal nail design in any color you like or that complements your skin tone. Of course, you can’t skip the pearls!

Normal Nail Plish With a Pearly Twist

 pearl nail polish ideas

If you usually go for a solid nail polish color and aren’t into nail art but want to join the trend, you can go for the nail polish color you want and add the final touch, which is the pearl, of course, subtle yet on-trend.

Mix Your Plain and a Pearly Nail Polish

 pearl nail polish ideas

Go for your regular manicure, and then add a few fingernails with pearly nail polish to give your nails a very nice look.

Opt For a Full Pearl-like Nail Polish

 pearl nail polish ideas

When in doubt, go for a full pearl-like nail polish in whatever shade you want. You’ll still be trendy, and you don’t have to add actual pearls if you don’t like them.

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