Spas have been around for centuries! OK maybe not the type with the fluffy robes & flip flops but some version of them has existed – well I believe – for a fair few thousand years now.  

Given how quickly things come & go out of the public psyche nowadays, it’s surely a testament to how beneficial a spa is to our well-being that these wellness institutes have stood the test of time.  

Yes, the benefits of spending time at a spa have long been known, but in case you weren’t fully sure…

Here are the most important reasons why spas are so beneficial to our well-being:

Stress Management

Spas are a fantastic stress management tool.  Yes, one of the significant benefits of a spa day is the opportunity to relieve some stress! 

Spas offer relaxation and rejuvenation, plus the regular use of spas has been credited with improving our quality of sleep.  All important factors in maintaining and increasing your well-being.

Benefits of a spa day and spa tips. Image of a couple relaxing on loungers at spa.

Curative benefits

Studies have shown the use of spas can help to lower blood pressure & alleviate pain. 

Steam rooms can help to clear our skin, remove toxins & some even claim, improve our cardiovascular health. 

If you can stretch to it, book yourself a massage.  Massage has proven benefits such as calming the central nervous system and improving blood circulation to name but a few.

Time to switch off

You are encouraged to switch-off from your phone/tablet/laptop whilst using the facilities. 

Taking a spa day is perfect for when you just want to get away from it all for a short period and enjoy some uninterrupted quiet time.  I definitely cherished a spa day post-baby.

It’s so cathartic just to be for a while, no demands on your time.

How to get the most out of your spa day

Image of Two young women are relaxing in spa and wellness center. Talking and drinking tea together.

So now you know the benefits of a spa day, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your time there:

Get a treatment

Granted this is where the money mounts up.  But if you can, book a treatment.  Adding a treatment is like adding another level of pampering to your experience.  Be sure to book it in advance to ensure you get the time and treatment you want.

Always check beforehand whether there will be any post-treatment rules. 

Spa tips.  Image of hot stone massage
Hot stone massage

One final point about treatments… If you’re going for any sort of relaxation treatment, such as a massage, try to spend 20 minutes or so beforehand relaxing and quieting your mind.  By doing this pre-treatment, you’ll already have done the groundwork to switch-off during treatment. 

Stay hydrated

It’s really easy to become dehydrated at a spa.  Especially if you’re using the sauna/steam rooms and partaking in the odd glass of bubbles!  Often spas will provide free drinking water, so be sure to make use of this.  Alternatively, carry a bottle of water around with you.  Or, if you’re not a fan of water, pack a bottle of something you do like to keep hydrated throughout the day (I’m not encouraging alcohol here!)

Dates & times

Aim to visit spas on weekdays when they’re quieter (annual leave & childcare allowing).  That’s not to say you won’t reap the benefits of a spa at the weekend, you can – and will – but there will be more people milling around.  Sometimes, more people means more noise, fewer loungers and less switch-off.  So if you can, try to visit on quieter days.  You can always phone the spa for advice on when this is.

Finally, use the whole of the time available to you.  If you’re allowed access at 9 am be there a bit earlier to potentially fill out forms, get changed and even take a tour of the spa. Nothing grates on me more than wasted spa-time spent filling out forms in reception.  Ask my spa buddies* if you don’t believe me! 

Side note: If it’s your first visit to the spa, do ask a member of staff to give you a short tour of the facilities, explain the etiquette and ultimately help you settle more quickly. 

And relax... All the benefits of a spa day and how to make the most of them. Image of woman relaxing in the whirlpool bathtub

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