Holiday season is upon us finally! The Christmas dinners and festive parties are all approaching and along side your red dresses, ugly Christmas sweaters and sparkly eyeshadow, are your nails. So what festive nail designs are looking for this year?

I personally have a love/hate relationship with nail art, I appreciate it but find it too complicated and sometimes a bit too much for formal events. So how about for this festive season we take a look at chic and simple Christmas nails designs that will give your hands the festive look you want without struggling too much.

1. A Simple Leaf


If you like minimalist designs but still want something for Christmas, try leaf-inspired nail art.

2. Inspired by Candy Canes


Candy canes are brightly colored and scream Christmas. So, if you’re looking for nail themes with a lot of colors, a candy canes theme will undoubtedly be ideal for the festive season.

3. French Sparkly Tip


The jolly month is all about sparkles, so if you want something sparkly but don’t want to do your entire nail, go for sparkly french tips and maybe add a couple of leaves to give off Christmas vibes.

4. Green and Red, but With a Twist


Christmas is known for its red and green colors; if you want to stick with this theme but add a little twist, try this abstract-inspired nail art.

5. Christmas Lights Nail Art


Christmas isn’t complete without Christmas lights, so this is the ideal nail art if you want something inspired by the holiday season.

6. Christmas Tree Nail Art


Christmas is all about the tree, so if you want something that screams Christmas, a Christmas tree is a must.

7. Stars Nail Art


Christmas themed stars are ideal for the festive season. You can use large or small ones or even a star on each nail. Whatever you decide, it must be festive enough for Christmas.

8. Sparkly Mint French Manicure


These nails are possibly the most festive interpretation of the French manicure revival. If you don’t like green, why not try mint? and add some glitz to your nails for the holiday season.

9. Ombré Nails


An ombré French manicure complements the Christmas-themed manicure perfectly. They have a magically snowy feel to them. Make it a little more glam by adding a metallic dot.

10. Majestic Snow Inspired Nail Art


Snow is the second thing that comes to mind when we say Christmas; the first is, of course, a Christmas tree. So, if you want to show off your majestic snow-themed nails, this design is perfect for you.

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